To compete in the global scenario, a corporation needs to know its universe of Risks and Compliance.

The governance of corporate strategies started to require the permanent monitoring of the variables that can influence the perenniality of the organization.

TeamAudit Risk & Compliance is an Audit and Corporate Risk Management software with a unified approach to the Evaluation and Monitoring of Corporate Operational Risks (ERM), with an Automated Workpaper for auditing integrated to the Self-Assessment of Controls (CSA) and Follow-Up of the recommendations of the internal control environment.


CAs main benefits, we emphasize that the software can:


  • Add value with a view of risk strategies.
  • Increase the organization's protection against fraud.
  • Enable robust financial controls across the enterprise.
  • Manage multiple regulations with a single platform.
  • View dashboards with executive-level dashboards and dynamic reports.
  • Determine the causes and source of risks by tracking incidents and losses.
  • Decentralize risk accountability with process standardization.
  • Strengthen compliance culture and business image.

The modules that contemplate the software are:


Risk and Control Dictionary | Operational Risk and Loss Events | Adherence to the COSO ERM and SOX Framework.

Automatic Annual Scenario Scenarios | Expected and Developed Annual Plan | Integration with complaints channel or Ombudsman.

Reusable Audit Programs | Report review and approval workflow | Report templates in Microsoft Word.

Control Self Assessment Technique (CSA) | Questionnaires and electronic surveys | Graphical Interface appropriate to the Manager.

Action Plan Approval Workflow | Electronic follow-up by e-mail | Root cause and effectiveness analysis.


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