Technology and Intelligence for Information Security Management

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AuditSafe, through its affiliated company Afrika Technology and Business, provides solutions, technology and intelligence for Information Security Management.


Afrika Tecnologia is an IT Infrastructure Solutions integrator, specialized in Information Security and Data Protection, concerned with attending to its clients, working with humanized service, without dispensing the technological resources.


Your team and AuditSafe are prepared to deliver bespoke solutions with financial and operational ROI and prepare solution design and lead delivery.

Password Safe

• Control, Management and Traceability in Credentials of Administrators (super users).


• Access Release Workflow.


• Double Custody.


• Multi-custody passwords.


• Solution for passwords in the applications source code.


• Automatic generation of strong passwords.


• Recording environment management sections.


• Audit Trail in the environment.



Access Control


•    Provisionamento de acessos centralizado para qualquer sistema, aplicativo e plataforma.

•    Identificação, Remediação e Revisão de Permissões.

•    Controle sobre os dados.

•    Revisões de Titularidade.

•    Trilha de Auditoria nos Dados.

•    Single Sign-On.

•    Reset de Senhas Automático.

•    Duplo Fator de Autenticação.

•    Portal self-service para provisionamento de acessos.


Perimeter Protection


• Firewall Rule Analysis Service.


• Firewall Policy and Firewall Policy Management.


• Control of changes in Firewalls.


• Content Filter.


• External Application Blocking.


• Protection against external attacks.


• IPS and IDS.


• Secure access for VPNs.


Security for Servers,
Endpoints, Cloud and Mobile


• Critical Application Protection on legacy platforms.


• Server shielding (hardening).


• Mobile Device Management.


• Vulnerability Mitigation on Servers.


• Data Encryption.


• Anti Spam.


• Antivirus on premise or as a service.

Information Leakage Prevention

• Control the traffic of critical company information, inside and outside the company.


• Compliance with regulations and audits.


• File discovery.


• Application of Rules.


• Diversified environments.





• Threat detection acceleration.


• Focus on the highest risk threats.


• Agility in security analysis.


• Orchestrate and Automate the Incident response.


Secure Development Life Cycle


• Reduction of Risks in the Application Layer.


• Security in the development of new applications.


• Performance from project to applications in production.


Advanced Threat Prevention


• Protection for any kind of environment, endpoint, email, network and cloud.


• Anti APT.


• Protection from zero-day threats.


• Detection of targeted attacks.


• Shielding for non-execution of malware.


• Deep visibility of environmental protection.


• Rapid isolation of compromised environments.


• Fraud Detection.


Physical, Cloud and Hybrid Backup


• Backup as a service.


• Any type of environment: physical, virtual or cloud.


• Best RPO and RTO.


• Advanced Deduplication.


• Disk-level recovery, Archive.


• Recovery in BareMetal.


• Simple and quick recovery.


• Backup for any type of media.


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